Brain Builders International (BBI), a non-governmental organization that has been committed to the development and progress of young Nigerians, on Wednesday, 20th November 2019, held her annual TeensSpeakOut at Fakunle Government Unity High School, Osogbo, with the theme, “Let The Teenagers Contribute To National Development.”
The core oratory contest centered on “Solving The Persistent Xenophobic Attacks; Sanction or Diplomacy As The Solution,” and which has 26 schools; public and private, in the assemblage.
In the welcome address to the participating schools, judges, pressmen, Volunteers of BBI and the general public, Mr. Abideen Olasupo: Executive Director of BBI emphasized that the motive of organizing  the  program was to encourage young teenagers in contributing effectively to the issues of national interest and importance from their tender age and to be better informed on the happenings in the country. Mr. Olasupo concluded his welcome address by saying, “there is no need to leave anyone behind, towards the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs.”
Hon. Tunde Olatunji, who was an honorary guest at the event and also the current Chief Whip of the Osun State House of Assembly, expressed his passions for Brain Builders International (BBI) and appreciated them for deeming it fit to assemble teenagers and hear their views on the issues of national interest and importance.
He further appreciated and welcomed the participating schools with students and teachers and noted that the program would boost the morale of the younger generation present and instill the boldness and courage to take on the issues of life.
Hon. Tunde, who has landmark research and publications in the area of government policies, entrepreneurship, infrastructural, and economic developments, gave an insight into the xenophobic crisis in South Africa and why Nigeria has been at the greatest disadvantage of the inhuman policy of South Africa. He then urged all stakeholders in government to make Nigeria work for all, to encourage our fellow Nigerians in South Africa to come back home.
The event was also made to feature an essay competition, and the two contests were observed by the team of judges present, which includes Mr. Oladepo Sunday, Mr. Adewale Adediran, Mr. Rasheed Adebiyi, Mr. Gabriel Shola, Mr. Ismaheel Lateef and Mrs Damola Raphael.
The essay competition which had students write on the topic ” The sea level is rising, wildfire is eating up the forest, the ozone layer is depleting, the earth is dying and industries are increasing : Time for selective blaming or collective action? ” had
Ogbo Joanna of Ijesha High School  as the winner , while Salaudeen Ridwan of Onaopepo Islamic Model School was the 1st runner up and Rasheed Muzidat of Zakariyah Memorial College as the 2nd runner up .
Opatola Mujeebah of Islamic College, Osogbo, was the winner of the oratory contest, while Adejumo Farook of Onaopepo Islamic Model School came 2nd, and Omotosho Ruth of Érin Community High School, Érin Osun came 3rd.
After the conclusion of the highly educative and informative program, all the participating schools endorsed the Brain Builders organization and the Sustainable DEVELOPMENT Goals(SDGs). They promised to get involved actively for sustainable development across all spheres.

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