The Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC) campaign by Brain Builders International aimed at sensitizing Nigerians, especially the youth aged between 18-35, to obtain their PVCs. The campaign operated from 1st to 30th of April, 2018, using all online media platforms for effective communication process in our daily publications.

The campaign witnessed viable observations, recommendations, and popular participation from the target audience in disseminating messages and requesting location about where to get a PVC.

Brain Builders International therefore considers the PVC campaign as a core civic responsibility for the organisation.Brain Builders International consulted it team of media experts, advocacy, and all of its members.

The organisation employed the use of digital media to reach her target audience, as findings showed that the target audience was mostly exposed to these media and are actively engaged with it. Findings also showed that the ubiquitous nature of digital media and its cheap rate also has impact on the target audiences’ level of exposure.

In the course of the campaign, Brain Builders International engaged the use of contents, hashtag (#GetYourPVC_BBI), graphics content posting on various online media platforms ranging from WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs and websites, on a daily basis for the 30 day period the campaign ran.

The organisation also involved influential individuals. and sought to using indigenous languages apart from English language and also produced contents suitable for the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria; Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba, to break language barriers.

The organisation also employed integrating our target audience by going to the street and encouraging people to take picture of themselves holding placards with a caption to support the PVC sensitisation campaign and also urged them to post their pictures online using the hashtag for the campaign #GetYourPVC_BBI while tagging their friends and encouraging others to do the same.

The campaign saw high participation from the target audience, which aided the effectiveness and impact of our campaign. The media used for the campaign also had impact on the outcome.


  • Youth are willing to mobilize their peers to obtain PVC.
  • Citizens (Youth) are willing to obtain PVC.
  • The process of obtaining a PVC is considered ‘hectic’.
  • The audience complained about the long distance of PVC centres to their homes.
  • Inadequate publicity by INEC to sensitise citizens.
  • Low engagement by INEC media handlers.
  • Our audience registered their dissatisfaction on the inadequate human capacity of INEC, facilities and equipment.



  • The details of the card owner should be written on the plastic and not on the nylon placed on top.
  • INEC should allow holders of the PVC to vote in any State the voters find themselves during elections.
  • Voters card registration should be made easy and quick for those seeking to be registered.
  • Transfer of registered voters from a destination to another should be made easy and not delayed.
  • INEC officials handling the registration, transfer and card distribution should endeavor to be friendly to citizens who want to register as many decide not to register anymore after being ‘bullied’ by the officials.
  • INEC should visit institutions and other populous places for easy registration of qualified citizens.
  • INEC should make the exercise easy for all. If possible register anywhere in the country and you can vote anywhere. This can be made possible by ensuring a centralized data system.
  • More awareness for Nigerian citizens will aid better participation in electoral processes.
  • INEC should reinforce her stand on collection of PVC in proxy.
  • INEC should put forward to federal or state governments on reasons for creating more wards as polling units are with more electorates than normalcy.
  • Higher institution should have at least a polling unit where students can vote, as some students will not want to go through the stress of traveling just to vote.
  • INEC should make increase the number of staffs so as to fast-track the registration process.
  • More publicity should be made my INEC (in native languages) so that the average citizen could further understand the reason why they need to register.
  • INEC staffs should be given human relationship training as they sometimes discourage people by their manner of approach


  • Nigerian citizens, especially the youth, should endeavor to obtain their PVC and to as well mobilise their peers to do the same.


  • Political parties should strive towards sensitizing her members on the importance of PVC in governance process.


  • Media should produce contents to stimulate PVC campaign.


  • Other stakeholders should get involved in PVC campaigns either as CSR or core responsibility.

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