Brain Builders International (BBI) is a leading youth-centered non-profit making and non-governmental organization that promotes civic engagement and peaceful political participation, youth entrepreneurship and empowerment project, youth participation in community development, education development programme, human rights and good governance. Over the past four years, BBI has reached and impacted on over 40,000 Nigerian youths through its entrepreneurship training and capacity building, civic and advocacy programmes, youth participation and community development, and educational projects. In recognition of the phenomenal feats recorded by the organisation, we have been nominated and garlanded with an array of awards such as the Award of Excellence in Advocacy and Humanitarian Services by Youth Reformers Initiative (2016); Heroes Leadership Award by Heroes Nation (2017); SDGS Advocate of the Year (2016), Award of Recognition of Contributions to Youth Development (2016), just to mention a few.
As an organisation of international acclaim, we pride ourselves upon the quality of the brains that make up our team, our unflinching desire to challenge the status quo and, our undying passion to empower the Nigerian youths. We have been able to attain this glorious height owing to our conscious and overriding principle of discipline and philosophy of ethics. At BBI, we build our members’ and volunteers’ capacity through in-house training and our special events. We also help expand our members’ experience and network by securing tickets for them to attend conferences and summits at both national and international levels, not to mention the numerous jobs and paid internship opportunities we have helped our volunteers secured in the past. We are an island of opportunities.
In a bid to train youths who will be trailblazers and change makers in their community, the national and the global spheres, like our past volunteer, we are calling for applications for the position of a volunteer. Please attempt the following questions to enroll yourself for a consideration which shall ultimately be based on merit. We wish you a good luck!

15 thoughts on “Join Us!

  1. Without him I can do nothing,call upon me for the service of humanity and BBI will not regreat doing so thanks Alfred Benjamin, a blood volunteering donor.

  2. I want to be involve, gain exposure and experience on services to humanity, cos I believe that service to humanity is the best work of life.

  3. It is through my undying passion to empower the Nigerian youths. To help change the world, that endeared me to joining any force which tread this path.

  4. Have really heard alot about BBI, may Almighty God crown ur efforts with blessing.
    I will like to volunteer myself to make impact in these community development.

  5. I want to make positive impact. I want serve humanity, I want to inspire for better and motivate for change. for these reasons state why I would love to be a volunteer in brain builders international, a platform that speaks about True development, in all ramification.if one is to encapsulate on its motive.

  6. I would be glad to be among the volunteers of brain builders international to impact positively on others and to become better

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