Digital Skills Workshop

Digital Skills Training Workshop At Ataoja High School, Osogbo

Training for Corpers

Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills Training for Corp Members in Kwara State


The Board of Brain Builders International with the Kwara State University during formation of alliance for the actualization of Sustainable Development Goals in Ilorin.


The Executive Director during the Panelist session during the NotTooYoungToRun Public Debate in Kwara State

Abideen Olasupo

I’m Olasupo Abideen Opeyemi, a Nigerian commited to Youth Development in the area of leadership,Entrepreneurship, good governance, democracy& public speaking.

While i was Fifteen Years old,I observed that something was missing in the lives of my community students, something beyond a full stomach: dignity and self identity. The students did not have the confidence to pursue their dreams, they did not have the knowledge on how to develop their dreams and make it reality, they are poorly prepared to take on adulthood positions as I was taken by surprise , the resources are not readily available for them to pursue their dream. In all, they didn’t know how to plan their life.

Now the question I asked myself is, should we give our youth a warehouse full of resources to pursue their dreams? Is this really a sustainable act? I think, what i have to do is to empower the youth through training in leadership and entrepreneurship skills, i have to unleash Youth creative potentials and give them the chance to experience that they can and will be important contributors in their surroundings. I want to give them confidence, dignity and identity to believe in their dreams and never allow their background but their back on the ground. Young people in Nigeria can aim for the top in any area of life they feel passionate about. I want them for example, to learn to celebrate their differences by discovering their own purpose. I want to empower them to become pathfinders, and to be able to create their own identities, with the renewal of their minds. Therefore, i want to bridge the gap in the life of youth by developing their leadership & entrepreneurship skills through our innovative programmes.

In order to create a positive impact for my country as mentioned above, I alongside some colleagues started the Brain Builders International. It has also motivated me to believe change is possible in my country Nigeria, where youth from different background and with different disabilities are not judged by their background but are admired for their courage to express their real identity. I see a Nigeria where marginalized youth are able to confidently voice their reasonable and critical thoughts. A Nigeria where the young people feel part of conscious development.


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